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Atomic has always been the fastest and cleanest Joomla template. This is the official home of the Atomic template for Joomla.

What is the Atomic template?

The Atomic template was designed to break down all the template components in a simple "atomic" way Joomla users could construct their own templates from a basic framework.

When was Atomic originally released?

It was originally created by Ron Severdia in October 2009 for Joomla 1.5 and later included in Joomla 2.5 when it was released in January 2012.

What are the features of Atomic?

This template has a few main features:

  • Easy to use: Just install and use, configurable
  • Customizable: Infinitely customizable functionality
  • Speed: Streamlined delivery and remove any unnecessary resources
  • SEO friendly: Common best practices for the best ranking possible, integrated Google Analytics
  • Responsive: Using Bootstrap, content looks great on any size screen
  • Mobile: Favicons, app promos, and other features

Is Atomic really the fastest Joomla template?

Yes, absolutely. This is based on the default installation of Joomla so customizing your setup may impact the performance. PageSpeed rates it at 100/100 and GTmetrix/YSlow give an A rating. View the test results.

Atomic: Fastest Joomla Template

What libraries does Atomic support?

Atomic includes a number of common libraries as options for your template.

  • Bootstrap: Version 4 is the currently the default, but you can load your preferred version instead
  • jQuery: Use the Joomla default, load the latest from the public CDN, or load only your preferred version. Also option to include jQueryMigrate.
  • FontAwesome: Use FontAwesome from the public CDN or load your preferred version.

What else does Atomic do?

You can also customize the following:

  • Disable all Joomla CSS and JavaScript and use your own
  • Remove the Joomla generator tag
  • Add your custom Google Analytics tracking code
  • Upload a custom logo to be displayed in the page header
  • Add custom CSS for dark mode
  • Enable to speed up your website
  • Customize your header and body fonts with Google fonts and Bootstrap fonts.
  • Manage your favicon set.
  • Turn on and off all module layout positions for layout control
  • Choose between a fixed width layout or a fluid container layout

All of this and more makes Atomic the fastest Joomla template available. Check the Google Pagespeed score for Atomic.

What are the module positions in Atomic?

Atomic strikes a balanced between too many modules and just enough. Here are the positions:

  • pageheader: Displays a page header such as the site name, logo, or an image
  • menu: Displays a module below the header that could be used for a menu
  • navigation: Displays a top dropdown menu
  • search: Displays a position for a search input
  • abovebody: Displays a position in the center content area above the main component
  • belowbody: Displays a position in the center content area below the main component
  • leftbody: Displays a column on the left side
  • rightbody: Displays a column on the right side
  • footer: Displays a full width footer along the bottom of your pages
  • alertbar: Displays a "butterbar" style alert across the top of your pages for messages
  • mobilemenu: Only displays on mobile
  • debug: The default Joomla position for debugging purposes

Additionally, if you are switching from the default Protostar template and don't want to reassign your modules to these positions, you can enable "Protostar positions" setting to use those with Atomic.

Can you use my own custom code with Atomic?

Yes. You can either alter the template directly or, to be able seamlessly upgrade in the future, the template settings allow you to enter custom code in any of these locations:

  • After the opening <head> tag
  • Before the closing </head> tag
  • After the opening <body> tag
  • Before the closing </body> tag

Can I test Atomic?

Yes. View it in action at

What versions of Joomla is it compatible with?

Atomic has been compatible with all versions of Joomla since 2009, however it is not fully backwards compatible. Joomla versions 3 and 4 (beta) are officially supported.

Is it really free?

It always has been and always will be released under the GNU General Public License version 2 or later.

Where can I download Atomic?

Head over to GitHub to download.